Dario Raciti has been working on bringing more brands to video games for over a decade. He’s finally given up.
Ok, not really. But Raciti, Managing Director of OMG’s Zero Code, said more recently that he’s been trying to steer more clients toward the massive viewership emanating from people watching other people playing games –  particularly big name influences.
“We’ve been talking about in-game for years,” Raciti told Beet.TV at the IAB Playfronts. “That equation has shifted….brands should not be looking only at the games themselves.”
Instead, he’s urged marketers to tap into the “horizontal marketing effect” that comes from partnering with top gaming creators like Ninja. Some of these creators can reach millions of people across Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The question them becomes, “how do you create a story for a brand in the voice of those influencers, one voice across channels?” Raciti said.
Answering these questions is becoming easier, Raciti added, thanks to the work of one particular group of influencers – marketers’ children. While gaming is still a less established, highly complex media channel, it helps when you have buy-in at home.
“Clients themselves are gamers themselves or have kids themselves that push them,” Raciti said.
“People that started playing games years ago are now in positions in marketing with different brands that can push that agenda.”
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