Curtain Falls on “Pitchapalooza” and Not Much Has Changed, MediaLink’s Kassan

LAS VEGAS – At Cannes Lions, many in the media agency world were consumed by an unprecedented number of accounts in review.  The torrent was named “Pitchapalooza.” With most of the reviews are over and there have been notable winners and losers, but the net share of business hasn’t  changed much, says Michael Kassan, Chairman & CEO […]


Beet Commentary: Top Takeaways from CES 2016 by Ashley J. Swartz

LAS VEGAS – Here are some of the take ways from CES 2016 as seen by Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp and frequestn commentator on Beet.TV More Devices, More Touchpoints,  More Connections Mean More Data: “The ever increasing number of devices, connections and consumer touchpoints mean more data and more ways to reach […]


Digital Ad Creativity has Become “Anemic,” AOL CEO Tim Armstrong

LAS VEGAS – While advances in targeted digital media advertising have become increasing powerful, the creative side of has become “anemic” – and needs to be addressed, says Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO of AOL, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him last night at CES about advertising and the big year of […]


Gannett Goes Deep with VR: Daily Show, Cardboard Viewer Distribution and Advertising

LAS VEGAS –  The nations’ biggest newspaper publisher is making a considerable play with VR (virtual reality). It will involve the participation of many of chain’s 3000 journalists, a daily VR show, a widely distributed cardboard viewer and a number of advertising offerings around the new medium. For an overview on Gannett’s commitment and plans […]


Sir Martin Sorrell: “The Medium Has Become More Important Than the Message”

LAS VEGAS – The vast changes in media, technology and data have dramatically transformed  the advertising industry. Indeed the changes have transformed the very nature of the world’s largest media and advertising company WPP, says its founder and CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, in this interview with Beet.TV He sees CES as sort of metaphor for […]


GroupM Establishes Marketing Alliance with Fullscreen

LAS VEGAS —  WPP’s GroupM, a longtime investor in the Los Angeles based MCN Fullscreen, has announced a production alliance with Fullscreen for the creation and marketing of original video for a range of the giant agency’s clients. Whilst the two have been collaborating for some time, the alliance, called Playa, involves the commitment of […]


CES is About Networked Data, Not People, says MEC’s Carl Fremont

LAS VEGAS – The importance of CES is the networking, not the human interactions of the 150K attendees, but the development of  “nodes and connections.”  It is all about how  brands can participate in a new, deeply connected world, says Carl Fremont, Global Chief Digital Officer of MEC, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with […]


The Physical Space Will be Digitalized, GroupM CTO Smith Predicts

With the commercial launch this month of Oculus Rift and the attention around virtual reality and other data related to wearables, we are seeing is the digitalization of the physical world and that will have a profound impact on marketing and media says Jack Smith, Chief Technology Officer of GroupM Connect Worldwide, in this interview with […]


Targeted Media Could Optimize Marketers Into “Invisibility,” Warns GroupM’s Rob Norman

While extraordinary progress has been made with targeting ads to specific individuals — and with it considerable upside for both marketers and content owners, but there is a possibility that advanced targeting will leave out key audiences which are not known and can’t be addressed There is a chance that targeting could lead marketers to “invisibility” warns […]


Medialets Partners with Millward Brown for Mobile Ad Effectiveness Product

While brand measurement has been well established across media, it has not been fully effective with mobile advertising. That could change with the integration of Medialet’s ad trafficking platform, Servo, with Millward Brown Digital’s Ignite Network. The the two WPP units announced the product offering today. For an overview on brand measurement via mobile and implications […]


Facebook is the “New Way People Consume Media,” Mindshare’s Jordan Bitterman

In the course of just the past year,  Facebook has moved from being a social platform to becoming a new way in which people consume media, says Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategy Officer at Mindshare, in this interview with Beet.TV Facebook is a “juggernaut” that improves by reinvesting and by providing marketers with a powerful data offering, […]


FreeWheel Targets Dynamic Ad Insertion for Linear TV

FreeWheel, a pioneering adtech company  that enables many of the world’s leading digital video publishers manage dynamic ad insertion, has unveiled a solution that allows insertion into linear television. The company is making available its Hybrid Linear Digital Ad-Scheduler (HyLDA), a program that enables premium video publishers to plan, optimize and manage live content using a […]


YuMe Expands Ad Alliance with Smart TV Makers

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Video adtech company YuMe was the first to integrate advertising directly to smart TV’s in a major way with its activation with LG and Toyota some five years ago. Today, its alliance with top manufacturers has expanded – as has its collaboration with set-top box companies, says Michael Hudes, EVP in this […]


Digital Takes over TV: Wenda Harris Millard ‘Wrote’ the Headline 20 Years Ago

Recent industry reports say that advertising revenue from digital media will surpass television this year.  It will be a moment that industry veteran Wenda Harris Millard had doodled as a fantasy headline some 20 years ago, when she was a senior executive at Doubleclick in the early and uncertain days of ad tech, she tells Beet.TV […]


“Invalid Traffic” is Highest in Mobile Video, Ernst & Young’s Terlizzi

Fraud, malware and pirated sites are costing the digital media industry over $8 billion a year.   While the problem pervades all digital media, the highest percentage of invalid traffic is for mobile video at 12 percent, says Nick Terlizzi, Partner, Media and Entertainment Advisory Services at Ernst & Young LLP in this interview with Beet.TV E&Y […]


Livingroom Video Viewing is Booming, but Analytics Still Lag, Hulu’s Naylor

While consumers enjoy a vast array of devices to watch video, the gadget diversity presents publishers and marketers with a significant amount of “leakage” — meaning views that are not tabulated. Facing this challenge, the industry will move to more robust cross-screen measurements in the new year, says Peter Naylor, SVP at Hulu and head […]


Innovid Raises $27.5 Million in New Round

Innovid, a video adtech company that allows marketers the ability to serve and measure interactive advertising across screens, has raised $27.5 million in new funding, the company says. New Spring Capital has become the latest investor in the company, while all previous investors, including Sequoia Capital Israel, Genesis Partners, Vintage Investment Partners, Cisco Ventures and T-Venture, participated in […]


Behavioral Data + Technology = “Co-Dependance” Driving Media Innovation, MEC’s Fremont

Data has been a tool for marketers for a long time, but the emergence and access for behavioral data coupled with data is driving innovation.  It is the “co-dependance” of the two that is becoming incredibly powerful, says Carl Fremont, Global Chief Digital Officer of MEC, in this interview with Beet.TV This new synergy will […]


GroupM’s Rob Norman: Google, Facebook Have Found the “God Particle” of Marketing

Using a metaphor of the discovery of the the so-called “God particle” by physicists at the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, GroupM‘s chief global digital officer Rob Norman tells Beet.TV  that Google and Facebook have arrived at a place he calls the “God particle of marketing” which is perfect attribution. He explains the power of Google and […]


Big Growth for Xaxis Outside of WPP, CEO Gleason

It’s s been a year of big growth in mobile revenue at Xaxis,  up 300 percent year-over-year.  The mobile growth  has been accelerated by the acquisition of ActionX earlier this year, says Xaxis Global CEO Brian Gleason in this interview with Beet.TV Also a big area of growth has been “direct” media sales, meaning transactions that […]

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