Emblematic of Amobee’s position as a platform serving the buy and sell side, it has hired two of the industry’s leading figures from both: long time agency senior executive Tim Spengler and TV programming veteran Valerie Bischak, the company announced today.

Tim Spengler was named General Manager of Advanced TV Solutions and Valerie Bischak as General Manager, Head of Growth. Both report to Jack Bamberger, Chief Commercial Officer.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Bamberger explains the hire and how they fit into Amobee’s core offering of serving the entire ecosystem of buy and sell side of digital, CTV and linear TV.

A key part of the offering is called Amobee’s CTV Allocator which forecasts incremental reach to a linear TV schedule across the ecosystem’s CTV supply space. Launched in last September, Bamberger shares some campaign results.

Joining Amobee : Tim Spengler, GM of Advanced TV Solutions & Valerie Bischak, GM, Head of Growth

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