Criteo, which is widely known as a global powerhouse in retargeting, will leverage its massive database of 2.5 billion active shoppers to prepare for a cookie-free world.

This efforts are manifest at Criteo, and with the work it’s doing notably with The Trade Desk and Google, explains Megan Clarken, CEO in this interview with Matt Prohaska for Beet.TV

She explains the importance of the alliance with The Trade Desk and Unified ID 2.0. She declares the partnership with The Trade Desk comprises reach of the world’s largest group of brands and media owners.

The former senior Nielsen executive adds that while the identity graph is powered by the shopper data, it is contextualized to create audience segments.

For more of the conversation between Clarken and Prohaska, listen to them on this episode of the Beet.TV podcast.

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