Despite the disruption from Covid, on so many levels, it has been a time of innovation and acceleration in the digital industry.

Things have changed dramatically and enabling many of those changes has been the IAB, known as the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the industry trade group that serves the digital publishers and the broader digital media ecosystem.

Heading the IAB is David Cohen, who happened to take over the IAB in March of last year, just as we entered the lockdown.  Tough task, but this advertising veteran, most recently president of IPG’s MAGNA, is demonstrating what agility looks like.

In this BeetCast podcast, we spoke about the upcoming IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, a tentpole event that was planned to take place in Palm Springs in March, but now is virtual.  At the conference, David will host a much anticipated fireside chat with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

He anticipates a big virtual conference turnout, bigger than the number of folks who could manage to travel to Palm Springs.   This is one of the upsides of successful virtual events, he explains.

In our chat, we spoke about social media and disinformation, the growing value of news, the importance of identity in a post cookie world, and the accelerated convergence of digital media and television.

He also make an impassioned case for keeping Section 230.

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