Revver to Serve User-Generated Content through P2P Universe: Steven Starr Explains it all on Beet.TV

Click To Play Revver, the popular video sharing site, will soon syndicate user-generated clips through P2P networks in a new alliance with INTENT MediaWorks. This is the most significant development in moving user-generated content through the P2P world.  The Atlanta-based INTENT will distribute tens of thousands of Revver clips through its platform.  Revver will serve […]


“Gateways” Are Effective Online Video Advertising Platforms, eMarketer’s David Hallerman Says

Click To Play On these pages, we have explored what form of online video advertising is effective. This in a business still very much in its early stages and strategies are still emerging. There are many different approaches: from YouTube’s contextual banner ad placements around the clip, to insertion of post-roll clips at Revver to […]


Exclusive: Had Record-Breaking 11 Million Video Views on Day of Virginia Tech Schootings

CNN online video clips of news surrounding the Virginia Tech shootings totaled 11.4 million views on Monday, far more than the daily average of 2.1 million streams and exceeding the previous one-day record of 7.7 on December 30, 2006, the day after Saddam’s execution. These are internal traffic numbers provided by CNN to Beet.TV. Nielsen/NetRatings […]


Tom Wolfe Debuts in Online Video from Conde Nast’s New

Very cool to see Tom Wolfe on Beet.TV talking about hedge funds and cruising around Greenwich, Connecticut, the home of mysterious and powerful new power in global finance. The video is one of several on, the new business publication from Conde Nast.  The videos are very well done.   We are especially pleased to find […]


Fast-Growing Social/Search Network StumbleUpon Set to Organize CNN, BBC, Flickr, Wikipedia and MySpace

StumbleUpon has created one of the fastest growing networks of individuals who rate and recommend sites. Some 2 million members rate over 9 million sites.  The company is doing well and generating a lot of interest.  This week it was said to be in final talks to be acquired this week by eBay for $45 […]


YouTube is Not Yet Sharing Revenue with Uploaders or Inserting Ads

We read with interest a report that YouTube is sharing revenue with video creators, like the Revver model, and that advertising will be inserted into the video.  There has been quite a lot of buzz about this today in the blogesphere. This is not happening, yet. We reached a YouTube spokesperson who told Beet.TV that […]


Retailers Jump into Online Video As a New Marketing Platform, The Wall Street Journal Reports

As consumers use more online video for entertainment and news, more and more online business are using video to market and sell their wares.  Today,, the Montreal-based jeweler is launching a broadband show about buying jems. Several other companies are using video including Baby Universe, The Knot and Home Depot, according to an article […]


Microsoft’s New Silverlight Will Stream Live Video: Could Bill Gates New Initiative Bring Online Video to Billions of New Computer Users?

Click To Play OK, so our colleague Robert Scoble has thrown in towel on going live 24/7 on Ustream — a good decision, Robert, heehee. But what Robert demonstrated, and the much talked about Justin Kan of Justin.TV, is the viability and prospect of streaming live, quality video. Silverlight, the new Web based video distribution […]


Oh Wow: eBay to Buy StumbleUpon for $45 Million, TechCrunch Reports

Click To Play In a sign of the viability of the online video video and the multiples it can command, StumbleUpon, a small start-up that allows its users to organize and share video favorites, has agreed to be sold to eBay for $45 million, according to a report by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. Michael says […]


Windows Live Messenger is New Promotional Platform for MSN Videos

While Microsoft, Yahoo! and AIM have long placed advertising and promotional messages on the their IM applications, the new Microsoft Live Messenger has an ersatz video player on its web application. The player, which is really banner ad, comes and goes at the bottom of the page, sometimes being swapped out with a conventional banner […]


Newspapers Scramble to Cover Virginia Shooting with Video — Washington Post and New York Times Demonstrate Breadth of Coverage Styles

As newspapers have expanded video content to their pages, they have begun covering breaking news stories.  It’s interesting to see the work of The New York Times and the Washington Post and differences in style. The Times has a straightforward news report of the sequence events.  It was reported by Ben Werschkul. The Washington Post’s […]


Hold the Presses: Newspapers Top TV Stations in Online Video Advertising — Jeff Jarvis Sees New Models for the Newspaper Biz

Sure newspapers have some serious challenges these days, but one bright spot is online video advertising.  According to a study by Borrell Associates, newspaper web sites sold more than twice as much online video advertising as local television stations last year.  And local online video advertising is set to surge over the next five years, […]


VideoEgg Hatches Finance Deal with WPP

Click To Play Congratulations to the VideoEgg crew on their new relationship with giant marketing holding company WPP.  I interviewed VideoEgg co-founder Kevin Sladek last summer in San Francisco. I’ve republished the video.  Kevin spoke with me about the evolving business model and how advertising works into it all.  Looks like he has taken a […]


Microsoft Unveils New Browser-Based Video Platform at NAB in Las Vegas — Major League Baseball, Netflix and Brightcove will use Silverlight

Click To Play We’ve been reporting on developments with Microsoft’s new online video platform which had been called Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E). Today (Monday) in Las Vegas at NAB, Microsoft is taking the wraps off the new platform which is called Microsoft Silverlight.   It’s all part of the new Microsoft Expression initiative.  It won’t […]


We Caught Justin Kan in Bed — The Future of Streaming Live Video is Revealed (Sort of)

Click To Play Here’s Justin.TV’s Justin Kan who we caught on tape lounging around in bed in San Francisco.  Beet.TV’s David Kavanaugh put this together from our Manhattan broadcast center.  (Sorry for the audio — we’re going to transcribe some of his comments and add to this post.)  Justin is not engaged in some sort […]


Flash Video To Have DRM with On2/Widevine Alliance

Click To Play Here’s my interview with Eric Ameres, CTO of On2 Technologies. While Flash video has become the ubiquitous program for streaming video clips onto computers around the globe, indeed, the universal adoption of Flash has been central to the online video revolution, there has been a problem for content owners:  The Flash, or […]


CNN Expands Video Podcast Strategy with First Downloadable News Program

Click To Play CNN, which has been streaming video clips for several years on its site, has significantly expanded its downloadable offerings by providing daily twenty minute podcasts of top stories from the two hour Anderson Cooper 360 program. This is the first time that the network has "time shifted" a daily news program. The […]


YouTube Has Pop-Ups Ads

The GooTube team is not inserting advertising into YouTube clips as post or pre-rolls.  That might happen, but not quite yet.  Chad Hurley has said that in-clip ads would not be appreciated by the YouTube user base.  He may be right.    So, to the monetize the extraordinary traffic on YouTube, the Google folks are […]


Jeff Jarvis Endorses Hillary — Her Campaign Videos, That Is: The Buzzmachine Turns Thumbs Down on Obama and McCain

Click To Play Jeff Jarvis, the noted blogger and fast-rising vlogging star, has jumped into the world of presidential campaign video in a big way. He recently launched something called PrezConference, a Web site and YouTube channel designed to engage voters and the candidates by submitting videos. We blogged about this recently. I caught up […]


New York Times Tops Newspaper Web Traffic — Hats off to Len Apcar, Pioneering Online Editor and Beet.TV’s First Video Post

Click To Play The New York Times maintained impressive traffic in February, according to a report in Editor & Publisher. It remains the most popular U.S. newspaper site. "The New York Times site (which has some articles behind the TimesSelect pay wall) attracted a unique audience of 12,960,000 users in February, who combined for 455,527,000 […]

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