As online video news programming heats up with the latest entry today by Monica Webb (above) and her WebbAlert, we wonder how sex appeal fits into all of this: success, impact, buzz, money?

For power blogger Michael Arrington, lust appears to looms large according today an analysis of his libido in Valleywag.

I think Michael is right. Monica does a very good job presenting a recap of the news.  But, I think he’s off base by saying the show is better than Rocketboom.  For goodness sakes, Monica is basically doing a review of tech news of the day, not creating original programming, at least not yet.

There is a good deal of activity these days with online video news about technology.  Sure, it’s easy to create, produce and syndicate online video news as we’ve been doing over here at Beet.TV — but making it grow is tough.

Original reporting, wit and hard work is key.  Monica might have all of that but it’s not yet apparent. For substance, we like to watch Dan Farber whose CIO sessions on CNET are always interesting and another favorite is The Scoble Show.

— Andy Plesser