We’ve been impressed with Maven Networks, the Boston-based company that provides video publishing and content management platform for larger content video producers including Hearst Magazines, TV Guide and 20th Century Fox.  Today, it inked a deal with a big Canadian producer of broadband content.

Maven is providing a two part solution: one for a publisher’s player, and the other a syndication platform.  I think the syndication platform is very exciting — distributing video widely on the public Internet is the promise of our new medium.  Having control and proper analytics is key and it appears that Maven is fitting the bill.

Maven’s Nick Troiano was in the studio the other day to fill me in on how this all works. This is my second installment of two interviews on the purple channel.

As the product expands, Maven is making a big push in the marketing area. They just landed Kristin Fergason, who has headed marketing for all the MLP portal brands. 


— Andy Plesser

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