In today’s New York Times, Brad Stone writes about the recent announcement Google to place comments around news stories from media organizations on the Google site.   

There’s been a lot of concern among major media that this constitutes a further cannibalization of original reporting by search engines and content aggregators.

Brad interviews CEO Chris Tolles. 

Topix generates more that 60,000 comments a day from news.  Many of these comments are generated around local stories and are syndicated to local newspapers and local news web sites.  About a third of the comments generated every day go to sites owned by the Tribune and Gannett newspaper chains.  So, maybe this is one link in the food chain  where aggregated news can feed the original content creator.

Here’s my interview with Chris Tolles of Topix.  We caught at Stanford earlier this month at the AlwaysOn conference.

— Andy Plesser

Grab the code of this interview with Chris.

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