Irving Wladawsky-Berger has just retired as IBM’s chief strategist.  He is now a visiting professor at MIT.  I caught up with him last week at the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford were he was on a panel about virtual worlds.  Here’s a free webcast of the session.

He is believes the virtual world is far more than a fleeting trend.  He sees it as the promise of the Internet, far more visual and easy for humans to interact with.

He sees video becoming more prevalent in these worlds.  (We spoke with Linden Lab’s Philip Rosedale who told us the same last week.)  Over at IBM, they call this Deep Computing Visualization DCV.

Check out this interview with Dr. Wladawsky-Berger byTom Foremski in Silicon Valley Watcher.  And, he’s just published his own thought piece on the subject in AlwaysOn.

— Andy Plesser

Big Oops:  There is an error in the the spelling of Wladawsky in the titles in the video.  This will be corrected.  Our apologies.

Grab the code of this interview.

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