The NewsMarket is a quickly-growing video portal where news broadcasters and Web producers download video files provided by a range of corporations, governmental organizations and non-profits.  These organizations pay the NewsMarket to host and distribute company-created content.


Downloads had been limited to "credentialed" media organizations.  Now the company is providing video to bloggers in a program called the Video Cafe, which was announced today.  There’s a lot of good content that’s been made available, including extraordinary footage of world health issues.

Earlier this year, I interviewed the NewsMarket founder and CEO Shoba Purushothaman who explained the program that was in development at the time.  The NewsMarket is funded by Hearst, Apax Partners and others.

Grab the embed code of my interview with Shoba.

— Andy Plesser

Coming Clean:  The NewsMarket is a past sponsor of Beet.TV and has been a public relations client of Plesser Holland.

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