Live, quality online video is "taking off" and will become widespread in the months ahead, according to Adobe, the maker of Flash.

I visited with Chris Hock, who heads the Adobe the Flash media group, which is based in San Francisco.

Chris expects that live will pervade the Web from events, to chat to "cam-in’s" done in Flash by broadcasters.  He says that Adobe provides a free download to create and encode live Flash.  This takes some degree of skill and the use of Flash Media Server.

I think that the start-up sites like Justin.TV and uStream are in the vanguard of live, quality streaming and it is inevitable that the big video sharing sites and media sites will embrace live video. 

While live may not fit into the conventional patterns of Web use, meaning search, receiving a feed or viewing on demand, these live streams created by the Adobe and other software can be recorded for later use and editing.  It will be powerful way to create content on both a live and archival platform.

Stay tuned.

— Andy Plesser

Grab the embed code for this interview with Chris.

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