Huffington Post is a Hot Media with the Right Formula, VC Investor Eric Hippeau Explains

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview I was at the packed AlwaysOn On Media Conference in Manhattan today.  It was wonderful to see my old friend Tony Perkins running his first Always On conference in New York and making such a success of it.    Tony was the founder of Upside and […]


Veoh Growing Fast with 4 Million Users — And Many Videos Will Be Seen in High Quality on TV Screens

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Dmitry Shapiro, founder of Veoh, told Beet.TV that there are 4 million unique users on the fast-growing video sharing site.  And, unlike most video sharing sites, which just stream Flash files, Veoh also provides downloads of high quality files via a peer-to-peer platform. I think the […]


YouTube/NBC Link-up Hits its Groove as Conan iPhone Spoof Cops 1.6 Million Views in Just Two Weeks

Last June, NBC entered into an alliance with YouTube to provide selected video clips to be posted on the popular video sharing site.  It was crafted to promote NBC programming, the deal provides NBC with its own channel on YouTube. For at least one show, it’s working quite well. A clip from the Conan O’Brien […]


Amazon Powers Diversion Media, the New Online Video Content Company Launched by MTV Veteran Nicholas Butterworth

View a transcript of this interview Just few months ago, Jeff Bezos announced the expansion of as a web services company, meaning that the infrastructure that made Amazon’s such a global success would be made available to small businesses.  Well, that appears to include online video start-ups too. Beet.TV has learned that at least […]


Forrester Report: Consumer-Generated Video Uploads Takes Off — Consumer Trust of Peers Trumps Media and Marketers

We all know that consumer-generated video has been surging — and that’s thanks in large measure to the legions of folks who upload all sorts of things from backyard stunts to televisions clips.  The number of viewers of clips far out outnumbers the people who upload them.    But, the number of uploaders is increasing […]


News Alert: Beet.TV Loses Editor to NBC — Bye Kate, You Are Awesome!

It’s farewell to my buddy Kate Lyon who has been an important part of Beet.TV since we launched last spring.  She’s interviewed guests, booked and edited segments.  She joined my firm in ’05 after graduating from Dartmouth.  Well, Kate’s been hired away by nbbc, the new online video business which is majority owned by NBC […] Brings User Generated Videos and Revenue to Blogs and Web Sites

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Most forward-thinking bloggers and Web publishers know that they need to use more video.  Whether it’s a college, business, political campaign or media property, video must be part of the offering.  With the advent of broadband and faster video programs, consumers want video and there is […]


Too Many Marketers are Jumping into Viral Video, AdvertisingAge EIC Scott Donaton Declares

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview The "get me one of those" imperative among marketers to launch viral video is so pervasive that the entire medium of advertiser supported viral video could be negatively impacted, says Scott Donaton, editor in chief of AdvertisingAge. Scott told me that careful thought and consideration, along […]


Hillary Clinton Announces Candidacy with Video but Obama Wins the First Round in Viral Video Battle

Hillary Clinton just announced plans to run for the Democratic nomination for President with the formation of an exploratory committee. Like fellow senator Barack Obama, she disclosed her plans by posting a video to her Web site.  It went live this morning.  Unlike Obama’s video which provides both an embed code and web address so […]


Internet High Priestess Esther Dyson Declares: Net Neutrality Debate is a “Muddle” and Two-Tier Internet is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing — Read all About it on the new Beet.TV Transcription Blog!

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview There’s been a lot of discussion lately about pending moves in Congress to keep the Internet from being split into faster and slower networks — keeping the Net "neutral."  Esther is leery about Congress jumping into new regulations — and she’s not alone among the big […]


Art Buchwald is Dead: New York Times Posts Online Video Obit with Humorist Announcing his Own Demise

The great humorist Art Buchwald has died and he has announced his demise on a video clip/obituary just published on The New York Times.  "Hi I’m Art Buchwald and I just died," — he declared on the segment.  It’s the first segment of "The Last Word, the new series of online video obituaries published by […]


Esther Dyson, Tech Visionary is Blogging for Huffington Post — Former Industry Standard “Media Grok” Editor Jimmy Guterman Takes Over Editing of Release 1.0 for Tim O’Reilly

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Esther Dyson, one of the most insightful observers of technology, has just started to blog for the Huffington Post.    More than just an observer, she has had a profound effect on the evolution of the Internet as a past chairman of ICANN, the organization that […]


Obama Launches Presidential Bid with Web Video: Senator Has Comprehensive Online Video Strategy in Place with Brightcove

Earlier today, U.S. Senator Barack Obama announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a run for the White House with a three-minute video clip that can be shared by embed or e-mail.  (Here it is, above.) He might be exploring, but he’s put in place an innovative online video strategy with Brightcove, the fast-growing […]


New York Times Media Critic as Media Innovator — David Carr is a Very Cool Video Blogger…

  Mainstream media has no choice but to reinvent itself.  The New York Times is undertaking some very un-Times-like enterprises with spunky videoblogs by the likes of David Pogue and media critic David Carr.  The Washington Post is doing some innovative work with online video as is ZDNet. Carr is the author of the Carpetbagger, […]


Download New York Times Video Clips Now from Apple iTunes — off the new Tivo Cast, too….

The New York Times has been publishing an increasing number of video clips in the past year. The videos have included reporter commentary, TV news-style highly-edited pieces and spunky videoblog pieces by tech columnist David Pogue, media critic David Carr and others. We understand that the Times has been successful in selling high-priced video advertising […]


Peer-to-Peer Software Creates Embed Code of Big Video Files — “Cut and Paste” HDTV Video onto Blogs, MySpace and More…..

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Here’s the last of our three interviews with Robert Levitan, CEO of Pando, a peer-to-peer BitTorrent based software that allows large files to be sent by various means: a desktop application, email attachment, Skype and embedded code. These files can be as big as 1 GB. […]


Vlog Evangelist Anil Dash Preaches Mixed Media

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview This is the last installment of my interview with Anil Dash, Evangelist and marketing guru at Six Apart, the largest blog software company.  (Beet.TV is published on Six Apart’s TypePad platform.) Anil is an "agnostic" evangelist when it comes to video blogging.  He likes the idea […]


Scoble Does Lunch with Bill Gates at CES

Here’s an exclusive interview from by Robert Scoble with his old boss Bill Gates.  The interview was taped yesterday in Las Vegas at CES.  As you may know, Robert has been publishing the Scoble Show on Podtech.  Recently, he has begun to add a Flash player, which is a great addition to the show. I […]


CES “In HDTV” — On2 Technologies To Unveil Video Compression Software for Downloading HDTV

It is inevitable that the quality of Internet video is going to improve dramatically in the months ahead.  It’s also clear that more quality Net video will be viewable on television screens — including those that display in HDTV. Better video file compression software, better video players, faster connectivity and other factors will play a […]


Net Video Is Coming to the TV, Finally — Akimbo is Leading the Way, Says William Randolph Hearst — Apple’s iTV Is Not Far Behind

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Internet video is moving to the big screen TV set. It’s going to happen in a big way this year. Certainly there is a great deal of anticipation of what Apple is about to do with its iTV. And, Tivo has been moving in this direction. […]

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