BE GREEN AND DRINK WELL: Earth Day Celebration in Sonoma on 4/22 — Important Cause, Incredible Wines and Tasty Beets!

        If you live in the Bay Area, or can get out there for a long weekend, don’t miss this Earth Day celebration on April 22 at the glorious Iron Horse Vineyards in Sebastopol, just 90 minutes north of San Francisco. Eight of the best wineries in the Russian Valley will provide […]


Brightcove Says Quality Comes from Locally Encoded Flash: New ABC Video Player is Awesome But Doesn’t Work on My New Vista PC :(

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview I was in Cambridge a few weeks ago to visit the headquarters of Brightcove where I met Sanjay Desai who heads product marketing for the fast-growing online video services company. Sanjay is proud of the picture quality and efficiency of the stream. Brightcove provides both a […]


Jeff Jarvis Lands Joe Biden on His New Citizen Videoblog about Campaign 2008

Click To Play I spoke with the BuzzMachine himself Jeff Jarvis (that’s not him in the image above but he’s on the clip) the other day about his latest online venture, PrezVid, a site and YouTube channel that provides a forum for citizens to upload questions for the presidential candidates to answer.    He told […]


WashPost Online Exec Editor: Journalists Have No Choice but to Change and to Promote Their Work

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Mainstream media is fighting for the attention of its readers on a quickly changing playing field these. Big publishers, including The Washington Post are trying to figure out how to reinvent themselves and their news operations.  Here is the second installment of my two interviews with […] Exec Editor Mulls YouTube for Video Distribution: The New York Times Grabs Smart Dartmouth Grad for New Blog

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Since 1999, The Washington Post has been in the forefront  of the newspaper industry in integrating video. Last week, I sat down with Jim Brady, Executive Editor in the newsroom of, the online division of the newspaper, to talk about the Post and online video. […]


YouTube Explains New Site Enhancements in Homey Video shot in San Bruno…Social Functions Become Deeper

Communique from San Bruno: Unidentified YouTube Spokesperson (above) explains Site Updates Beet.TV reported first on Wednesday that YouTube was set to revise the site later that night. Regretably, we didn’t get our information quite right, but there were indeed a number of updates made to the enormously popular site that night. Well, YouTube staffers have […]


NBC/News Corp Video Venture to Keep 90 Percent of Ad Revenue, The New York Times Reports

The recently announced joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corporation is not so much a "YouTube killer" as an advertising syndication platform.  According to Sunday’s New York Times, the new venture may keep as much as 90 percent of the ad sales, which is a fairly hefty amount in the syndication world.  Here’s what […]


Wall Street Journal Video Clips are “Blogable” Directly to TypePad, LiveJournal and Blogger

Video clips from the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch can be "blogged" directly from the video player to blogs on TypePad, LiveJournal and Blogger. This new utility went live today, announced by Brightcove, the company that provides online video services to Dow Jones.  Sure a number of video sharing sites from Google to VideoEgg […]


Washington Post Moves Video to the Homepage with Slick New Multi-Media Player — Post’s Dana Milbank Is New Video Star on Capitol Hill!

The Washington Post, long a pioneering publisher embracing online video, revamped its home page today to feature video in a very prominent way.  Despite producing acclaimed videos since 1999, there was never a regular spot for video on the home page.  This should solve the problem of visibility for the paper’s award-winning work.  Here’s the […]


Hearst is Transforming Online Video and Itself with Smart Investing in MobiTV, Slingbox, Brightcove and the NewsMarket

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Can old media becomes new media through smart investments?  Tough to say, but Hearst is involved with investments in several promising companies in the online and mobile video space. I visited Micheal Dunn, Vice President of Hearst Interactive Media.  Michael is involved with evaluating investments and […]


Exclusive: YouTube Set for Big Revision Tonight: Platform to Become more “Flickr-Like”

Beet.TV has learned that You Tube will introduce new functionality to its platform tonight which will allow users to organize clips around specific categories.  3/29, 2:00 p.m. EST: — Oops, hold the presses: I’ve been looking at YouTube and this aspect has not gone live.  Sorry for the false start on this. — Andy Update […]


GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Relaunched with Expandable Video Players — Traffic Is Doubling Monthly at the Essential Industry Blog

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Om Malik is a visionary business journalist who founded the influential tech blog GigaOm. He is one of the leading observers of broadband — he covered this and related beats as well as anyone during his years at Forbes, Red Herring and Business 2.0 Om is […]


YouTube Has Giuliani 1993 Mayoral Campaign Ad with Glowing Testimonial by ex Wife…Video Archives Are In the Mix Now

From George Allen’s Macaca eposide to the mash-up of the Hillary 1984 video, to earnest campaign announcements from the candidates, online video is making for an unpredictable campaign season where traditional media strategies have been turned on their heads. Making the rounds on YouTube is a sentimental campaign video from Rudy Giuliani’s 1993 mayoral campaign […]


Smilebox Brings Flash Video Tools to the Consumer’s Desktop….Robert Scoble Takes us to Redmond for a Tour!

Smilebox is a company that provides consumers the tools to create personalized electronic greeting cards. It has aggreements with Hallmark and others and has become a major player in this industry. Just last month, the company announced plans to offer users the opportunity to integrate video into greeting cards, making them truly multimedia. Above is […]


As Newspapers Gear up with Online Video Reporting: the Wall Street Journal is Set

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Newspapers have a unique and present opportunity to create online video to build audience and adverting revenue. Dow Jones and its Wall Street Journal. Barron’s, MarketWatch units have been moving aggressively into video news and feature reporting.  As we reported on Beet.TV earlier this year, company […]


Online Video Ad Have Double Click-Through Rates of Standard Ads, eMarketer Reports…Will Amanda Help Sell Kevlar for DuPont?

Online video advertising is hot because people are engaged and click on video ads at higher rates than standard advertising, a new report by eMarketer has found. Viewers of in-stream advertising, watch at a rate nearly double the rate of standard ads.  While click-through numbers might appear low, less that one percent, the study has […]


YouTube to Present Video Awards as More Producers Use YouTube as Distribution Platform Including Trailblazing TurnHere…Beet.TV Holds First Networking Shindig in NYC on Weds!

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Not sure if the just announced YouTube video awards means more that some nice buzz, but the reality is that YouTube is changing. It is becoming a platform for serious content producers who have been leery of the site in the past. The new channel strategy, […]


Gritty Videos from Baghdad Videographers to Debut on Salon Tomorrow — MTV and YouTube to Follow

From the Tsunami to last summer’s battle in Lebanon to the streets to Baghdad, citizen video journalists  are transforming how we experience conflict.  How these videos change public discourse and public policy is hard to say, but there is a great deal of compelling content filtering through the war zones.  In December, I interviewed Brian […]


Guiliani Has Longest Campaign Video at 58 Minutes — Candidates Jump into Online Video World with Limited Effect, Washington Post Reports in Front Page Story

Rudy Guiliani has a speech on YouTube which is nearly one hour, making it the longest campaign video, according to political video watcher, 21-year old Georgetown student James Kotecki.   Kotecki has some good advice for the former New York Mayor, hire a video editor and step in front of the lecturn. Kotecki’s views are part […]


Associated Press Explores Videoblogs with “Reel City Tales”

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Mainstream media is tipping its foot into videoblogging. The world’s largest news organization, the Associated Press, is exploring the new medium with a vlog by Ilana Arazie.  Ilana works on the business side of the AP and does the vlog "Real City Tales" as sort of […]

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