BERLIN — “Television has been the same for the last fifty years or so,” says Mattias Hjelmstedt, co-founder of Magine, a Stockholm-based entertainment platform that has gone “back to the drawing board” to think about “what television would look like if it was invented today.”  We spoke with Hjelmstedt and Magine CEO Erik Wikström at The Europas in Berlin to find out more.

Hielmstedt explains that Magine offers an alternative to the traditional television-viewing experience that does not bind viewers to set-top boxes, single devices or time.  Rather, the company provides a unique linear TV experience that allows users to view live broadcast or recorded VOD content on all devices.

Wikström tells us, “Most players in this Internet space have predominantly gone after the VOD space, but none has really gone after the kind of linear TV space” that Magine is serving because “it’s inherently much more difficult to do live TV encoded over the Internet to massive scale.”

Magine is working with broadcasters, paying them for content and extending new monetization opportunities in order to fill the niche for linear TV entertainment on the Web.

Megan O’Neill