Beyond Reach: Seedtag’s Villalobos Takes CTV Ad Outlook Forward

LAS VEGAS — The audience-finding capabilities of connected TV advertising are often used to extend the reach of TV campaigns without duplication. But it’s about more than that, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike Villalobos, VP of Strategy, NA, Seedtag, explains his vision. Reinventing Monetization and Targeting Seedtag in 2014 was co-founded by […]


Coming To America: Seedtag’s €250M Funding Fuels Contextual Targeting Growth

On the same day Google again delayed phasing out Chrome cookies, a startup founded by two ex-Googlers raised a big funding round to provide an alternative ad targeting mechanism. Seedtag is one of several ad-tech firms whose software reads cues in content to provide “contextual targeting” attributes, considered a replacement for waning audience targeting methods. […]