With platforms like TikTok taking off, many advertisers are figuring out how to balance both social video and big-budget TV.

For Danielle DeLauro, there is a big distinction.

DeLauro, EVP at VAB, representing main-line TV broadcasters, says TV ads are better placed to drive outcomes.

Not all content is created equal

“The premium value of long-form TV is extremely important to marketers because not all content is created equal,” says DeLauro.

In a report by VAB, it found that ad effectiveness varies by content and ad impact, with premium professional longform content showing significantly different results than other platforms and devices.

DeLauro insists that there is a distinction between premium professional content and content from other platforms, and that it is crucial for marketers to understand this difference.

Impact on brand recall, sales and website traffic

DeLauro highlights the importance of looking beyond just the top-line metrics of impressions and focusing on the impact that different video levers have on brand recall, sales, and website traffic.

She believes this is what marketers should base their decisions on when choosing where to invest their video dollars.

Published in March, VAB’s report, 25 Ways TV Grows Brands: Powering Performance Through Full-Funnel Business Outcomes, condensed a decade of original VAB research – 23 attribution reports analyzing 1,000 brands in over 80 categories with 30 types of metrics – into one definitive 2023 report.

It examines how brands like Uber, Apple and Microsoft have successfully used TV ads.

Cross-platform measurement in transformation

When asked about the industry’s progress in cross-platform measurement, DeLauro states that it is currently in a transformation. She commends the innovation from measurement providers in this area and emphasizes the need for multiple currency providers to encourage further innovation and competition.

DeLauro notes that last year’s upfront was a “test and learn” phase, with more advertisers starting to explore alternative currencies.

This year, she expects a more significant shift towards transacting on alternative currencies, especially as viewership fragments and larger data sets are needed for stability.

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