Premium Longform TV: The Most Valuable Asset for Marketers

With platforms like TikTok taking off, many advertisers are figuring out how to balance both social video and big-budget TV. For Danielle DeLauro, there is a big distinction. DeLauro, EVP at VAB, representing main-line TV broadcasters, says TV ads are better placed to drive outcomes. Not all content is created equal “The premium value of […]


VAB’s DeLauro to Advertisers: Maintaining Share of Voice is Essential Now

How can brands justify their advertising investment in an economic downturn? The VAB looked at over 100 years of data and found that in an economic downturn, the most serious consequences come when bands stop advertising. In an interview with Beet.TV, Danielle DeLauro, executive vice president of VAB, explores what trends data supports for media […]