Anzu: Advertising in Games is Easier Than You Think

Last year, the in-game ad tech company Anzu helped American Eagle launch a virtual store in Roblox. The Israeli-startup also announced a partnership with NBCUniversal. The message seemed clear – Anzu and in-game advertising gaming was ready to go big. But not every brand is ready to, or needs to, build out their own custom […]


The Company Behind Pokemon Go is Building a Social Network Centered on AR Games

You may know PokemonGo. But if Niantic has its way, Pokemon chasing will become a gateway to Campfire, a platform build around augmented reality and an eventually flood of new games. Among the new titles accessible via Campfire is NBA All World, which launched earlier this year. Players can embark on various challenges that blend […]


SuperAwesome: Why Marketers May Want to Think Twice Before Building a Branded Game

As gaming becomes more of a prominent ad vehicle, the list of examples of brands going big continues to grow. A retailer may build a virtual store in Roblox. Another might launch its own playspace in Fortnite, or even create a sports game timed for March Madness or the Super Bowl. These kinds of campaigns […]


Zynga: As Digital Identifiers Go Away, Game Genres Are a Good Proxy For Targeting

Mobile games are often ripe for programmatic advertising. But the mobile ad space has been rocked over the past few years, as Apple and others have cracked down brands on tracking consumers across different apps. Zynga has found gamer behavior to be a viable alternative solution. “I think mobile has the most traditional ad opportunities […]


Why Gaming May Change All Aspects of Advertising and Media: dentsu’s Sarah Stringer

What happens to your media expectations when you are used to being in control, and fully immersed? How does this change they way you expect to engage with advertising? These are some of the big questions marketers should be pondering, according to Sarah Stringer, EVP, Head of U.S. Media Partnerships, dentsu. While the metaverse may not […]


Microsoft’s Ferris: Half Of Gamers Use Xbox For Multimedia

CANNES, France — Once upon a time, it was just a games device. Now, Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are used to consume TV, video, music and other content. “Gaming is the core,” says Microsoft’s advertising GM, Scott Ferris. “Over half of people who buy Xbox for gaming end up using it as their all-up entertainment source.” […]