It’s too hard. It costs too much. It’s probably not right for my brand anyway.

These are just some of the complaints – misperceptions if you will – the IAB has identified in new research regarding the video game advertising market.

Jack Koch SVP, Research & Insights at IAB told about some of the key takeaways from the IAB study, which surveyed over 40 top ad buyers and sellers in the industry.

Among the findings, many marketers don’t realize that running campaigns in video games doesn’t require them to build out custom executions in the biggest, most expensive gaming titles. In fact, there are a variety programmatic options available which allow for relatively simple – and efficiently priced- entry points into gaming. Plus, the medium can be utilized for a wide range of tactics and objectives.

“We did find that advertisers that were more experienced in the space were finding huge successes engaging customers throughout the entire purchased journey,'” Koch said.

Among the study’s other ‘misperceptions:’

  • Brands still believe -incorrectly – that measurement for in-game advertising leaves something to be desired
  • Marketers tend to assume that gaming has serious brand safety issues

To help dispel these myths, the IAB laid out a series of steps aimed at helping media buyers feel more comfortable moving ad budgets to gaming. Those steps include developing new standards, broader education, and a push for more research to prove the medium’s unique value and impact.

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