MARCO ISLAND, FL — The irony about a digital medium which should be able to gather refined data? Too many of the signals are still not yet strong enough.

That’s according to one software firm which wants to make programmatic TV advertising measurement and reporting everything it was supposed to be.

In this video interview with Mike Shields at IAB’s ALM for Beet.TV, Andy Schonfeld, CRO, Tatari, explains where he thinks programmatic needs to be be moving faster.

Getting closer

“The content signals and the transparency of signals that you can get in streaming, ironically, is still far below what a brand or a buyer can get in linear,” Schonfeld says.

“On linear, brands can look to optimize on things like the rotation or the actual show. We’re still a ways-away from that on the streaming side. So we’re working with publishers to try to unlock that.”

He says ad buyers who buy across a range of streaming outlets want to know which ones and which shows are performing. But he says that is still a “black box”.

Schonfeld also says Tatari is working with publishers to explore “more efficient pricing” for brands wanting to use programmatic for outcomes-driven buys.

In-house up-side

Tatari is a technology company that provides a programmatic advertising platform for TV advertising.

Its platform enables advertisers to target and measure their TV advertising campaigns using advanced data and automation techniques.

Schonfeld says both brands and agencies are moving toward consolidating their linear, programmatic and streaming ad buying into a single platform.

“In the last year or so, Tatari’s seen a pretty evident shift from brands wanting to have just solely a managed service offering, as far as both performance measurement as well as execution and strategy, to actually bringing that in-house,” he says.

“We started with one brand about a year and a half ago, beta testing an in-house offering where the brand’s actually controlling both linear and streaming buys hands-on-keyboard.”

Schonfeld says the company now has around 40 companies using the software for themselves in this way.

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