MARCO ISLAND, FL — At a time of tectonic shifts, the IAB convened its Annual Leadership Meeting.

For, Lori Goode, CMO, Index Exchange, the key takeaways were taking back control and taking climate action.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Goode sums-up her ALM.

Take control

“The call to action was about taking control over data and privacy, taking it into our own hands a bit more,” Goode says.

“Consumer trust came to the top as well as consumer experience and making sure that we were educating consumers about how we were using their data and what good looks like for the industry.”

At a robust ALM, digital ad industry execs voiced a mix of acceptance at fragmented new privacy legislation and disquiet at tech giants whose changes are turning the industry upside-down.

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Digital carbon

Goode says making clear the carbon cost of digital ads was also a key topic at ILM.

At the event, IAB Tech Lab announced a partnership with the Ad Net Zero body and the Scope3 measurement service called Green Supply Path Initiative.

The ad industry, pushed by buyers, is on a quest to count carbon emitted as a result of programmatic trading, which some see as inefficient on energy consumption despite its efficiency in terms of trading.

But some sustainability professionals complain that there is as yet no single agreed way of counting.

With the Green Supply Path Initiative, the aim is to develop “the benchmark for how carbon emission signals are sent and received programmatically”.

Green index

Index Exchange had already partnered with Scope3 in 2022, to “offer Green Media Products (GMP), powered by Scope3, to accurately map, measure, and compensate for the end-to-end emissions in the programmatic ad supply chain”.

“Transparency has always been really important to Index,” Goode says. “So we make our practises transparent.

“We offer pricing transparency, and I think that’s something that sets a high bar for what SSPs and what partners should expect from an SSP.”

Index Exchange is a technology company specializing in programmatic advertising.

It operates as a global independent advertising exchange, connecting buyers and sellers of digital advertising inventory in real-time.

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