Media Currency Tests Are Shaping View on Upfronts: GroupM’s Bharad Ramesh

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – This year’s upfront sales season for television networks and video publishers will be informed with insights from the latest tests of what are known as currencies, or ways to set the value of ad transactions. That’s according to WPP’s GroupM, which recently piloted currencies among 16 of its advertiser clients to […]


Audience Drives Media Plans for Streaming: Mediahub’s Sean Corcoran

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. –The range of streaming services covers everything from subscription video on demand (SVOD) that doesn’t carry advertising to free ad-supported television (FAST) that’s available to anyone with a connected device such as a smart TV or mobile phone. Connected television is becoming a bigger platform for advertising as marketers seek consumers who […]


Disclosure Contracts Can Avoid Influencer Crackdown Brand Blowback: IAB’s Tiffith

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In a season when “influencers” are facing a backlash and a crackdown, the digital advertising trade body has urged the industry to clean up and be transparent. TikTok’s “de-influencing” trend, in which users encourage others not to buy certain products, has gone mainstream, while some are now poking fun at influencers. After the […]


OMD’s Osborn All-In On Wiping-Out Ad Industry’s Carbon Emissions

MARCO ISLAND, FL — When the call to save the planet comes through, you don’t turn it down. That is why, two weeks into a hiatus, OMD USA and BBDO New York CEO John Osborn accepted an invitation to head a new organization aiming to reduce carbon emissions from digital advertising operations in the US. […]


Media M&A Deals Face Key Hurdles in 2023: LUMA’s Terence Kawaja

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – The Federal Reserve’s steps to combat inflation by raising borrowing costs had wide-ranging effects on asset values, including everything from stocks to cryptocurrencies. Falling valuations last year dampened mergers and acquisition activity for a variety industries including telecom, media and technology. Bankers are hoping to see more signs of recovery going […]


CTV’s Advertising Power Is Emerging for Targeting: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions to the internet, opening up the possibility to watch a wider range of programming. Because each connection has its own internet protocol (IP) address, television advertising can be targeted at segments of the broader audience. “CTV delivers a promise of having that direct […]


Take Control & Get Sustainable: Index Exchange’s Goode

MARCO ISLAND, FL — At a time of tectonic shifts, the IAB convened its Annual Leadership Meeting. For, Lori Goode, CMO, Index Exchange, the key takeaways were taking back control and taking climate action. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Goode sums-up her ALM. Take control “The call to action was about taking control over […]


Relevance Remains In A World With Less Identity: Bayer’s Gelb

MARCO ISLAND, FL — Digital ad identifiers may be drying up, pushing more advertisers to finding audiences in different ways. But one major pharmaceutical company thinks there may always be a place for targeting relevant ads. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Paul Gelb, Head of Media Activation & Investment, Bayer, explains his company’s approach. […]


Measurement, Climate and Privacy Are Key Themes for Brands: IAB’s Sheryl Goldstein

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – Audience measurement, climate change and consumer privacy are among the most important issues that marketers are facing in 2023. Media, marketing and ad-tech professionals gathered at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting to not only meet others in these industries, but also to discuss trends that are shaping their work. “What I’m […]


Identity, Context, Attention Support Healthy Media Market: dentsu’s Doug Rozen

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – A healthy media environment increasingly depends on innovations in privacy-safe audience identifiers, brand-appropriate context for advertising and more insights into how consumers pay attention to brand messaging, Doug Rozen, chief executive of the Americas for dentsu Media, said. “The goal of what we’re trying to do is to know people better […]


Beyond The 30: Roku Leans In To New Formats, Original Content

MARCO ISLAND, FL — Roku doesn’t want to throw out traditional-length TV ads or measurement – it just thinks creative disruption and alternative approaches can add far more effectiveness and insight. Together with MAGNA Media Trial, the TV platform just published Beyond the :30 on Streaming TV, a research piece that found new video ad […]


Tatari’s Schonfeld Wants To Unlock Programmatic TV’s ‘Black Box’

MARCO ISLAND, FL — The irony about a digital medium which should be able to gather refined data? Too many of the signals are still not yet strong enough. That’s according to one software firm which wants to make programmatic TV advertising measurement and reporting everything it was supposed to be. In this video interview […]


Context Levels The Playing Field: Index Exchange’s Barash

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In a world with digital ad identifiers crumbling under ad buyers’ feet, where do advertisers turn for best placement? Some in the industry are turning the clock back to a traditional style of adjacency, achieved using very modern methods. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Barash, SVP, Americas & Global […]


CTV Ad Targeting Can’t Happen Without ‘Mapping Tables’: EssenceMediacom’s Therran Oliphant

MARCOS ISLAND, Fla. – Millions of households are hooking up televisions to the internet, promising a possibility that advertisers can reach target audiences like they do on search engines and social media. But achieving these goals for connected television (CTV) is a challenge. “We’re getting closer to being able to leverage data for more precise […]


Data Clean Rooms Take Significant Investment, But Offer Huge Potential: IAB’s Pam Zucker

The hottest new tech tool designed to enliven digital advertising while staying within privacy rails requires a big cost – but can come with a big up-side. That is according to a leader from the digital ad industry’s umbrella body, which just commissioned a big survey on the topic. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Measuring Cross-Media: Nielsen ONE Aims To Solve The Unsolved

MARCO ISLAND, FL — The journey to create a solution for cross-media measurement has been a long one. But, according to Nielsen Audience Measurement CEO Karthik Rao, Nielsen ONE is finally ready for general release. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rao tells Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts the company is “very excited.” The problem of […]


Viewer Data Determines Real Ad Effectiveness: Ampersand’s Heftman

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In the new era of TV ad attribution, the key to the kingdom is a real viewer relationship. That is according to a company whose tech helps MVPDs track the actual outcome of the ads they air. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ethan Heftman, SVP, Agency Sales, Ampersand, explains what’s […]


‘A Different Lens’: Experian’s Hlavacek Relishes The World Beyond Cookies

MARCO ISLAND, FL — Companies involved in advertising have spent the last couple of years adjusting to a world in which digital identifiers like cookies and device IDs are drying up. They have traditionally been used to match and target audiences. Replacements include a range of identity technologies, in what is a significant upheaval. But […]


Must Try Harder: Publicis’ Geraldine White Sees Low Marks on Diversity

MARCO ISLAND, FL — As with many afflictions, the first step to a solution is admitting you have a problem. That’s how Geraldine White thinks the advertising industry should tackle the issue of diversity and inclusion. In this video interview with Beet.TV, White, Chief Diversity Officer, Publicis Groupe US, explains where she thinks the industry […]


IAB’s Cohen Urges ‘Hypocritical’ Apple To Join The Organization

MARCO ISLAND, FL — After taking a swipe at one of the world’s biggest tech companies for hurting advertising, digital advertising’s umbrella body has urged the company to become a member. Following his speech at his Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM), IAB CEO David Cohen told Beet.TV Apple should get “to the table to work with […]

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