MARCO ISLAND, Fla. –The range of streaming services covers everything from subscription video on demand (SVOD) that doesn’t carry advertising to free ad-supported television (FAST) that’s available to anyone with a connected device such as a smart TV or mobile phone. Connected television is becoming a bigger platform for advertising as marketers seek consumers who have either canceled cable and satellite services or never signed up for them in the first place.

“We’re always just looking for: how do we get the best mix of long-form video and big-screen video?” Sean Corcoran, U.S. chief executive at Mediahub Worldwide, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

“For us, it’s like looking at those platforms and saying, ‘what are options for targeting the right audiences, finding the right context?’” Corcoran said. “Within that, we’re just looking at, you know, what are our best options for reaching our audience in the best possible way.”

Attention to Attention

Marketers not only want to know that their advertising was delivered to an audience, but also which media channels helped to drive business outcomes. Measuring viewer attention to advertising is becoming a bigger part of understanding the consumer experience.

“We love attention. We’re a big proponent of it from a media perspective,” Corcoran said. “We actually think attention is a great model because at the end of the day, what it does from a metric perspective to give you an idea of quality.”

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