MARCO ISLAND, FL — The journey to create a solution for cross-media measurement has been a long one.

But, according to Nielsen Audience Measurement CEO Karthik Rao, Nielsen ONE is finally ready for general release.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rao tells Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts the company is “very excited.”

The problem of cross-media

According to Rao, the biggest challenge of cross-media measurement has lingered.

“It’s still an unsolved problem,” he says. But, with Nielsen ONE, the company aims to solve this issue by providing “four screen de-duplicated reach and frequency as the table stakes” and providing advertisers with comparable metrics like never before.

Rao believes Nielsen ONE has a unique advantage over other cross-media measurement solutions on the market because it leverages Nielsen’s data sources, including its massive TV measurement panel, as well as its digital measurement capabilities, to provide a comprehensive view of cross-media reach and frequency.

ONE star

Nielsen ONE is Nielsen’s big, future-facing cross-media measurement system.

It would bring deduplicated viewing measurement, digital viewing data, individual ad measurement and a merger of Nielsen’s units that measure linear and streaming TV.

The ANA North Star, a plan published by the Association of National Advertisers, played a major role in shaping Nielsen’s journey towards cross-media measurement.

Rao praised it for its consideration of the technical challenges involved in bringing cross-media measurement to life.

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