SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The mobile era has given people more ways to spend time with electronic media, challenging advertisers to the get the attention of consumers who use many devices at the same time. Watching television, as one example, can be accompanied with other activities such as looking at a social media app on a smartphone or viewing websites on a tablet computer.

These behaviors are driving greater interest in measuring people’s attention to advertising, not just its viewability on a scree.

“Attention matters for the industry because it’s shining a real spotlight on the requirement for having human data,” Chrissie Hanson, chief executive of OMD USA, a unit of agency holding giant Omnicom Group, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica.

Attention metrics that are scalable among a variety of media outlets are a key priority for advertisers, she said.

“Having that data across all platforms, across all formats so that there is a fair way of comparing them is probably the biggest challenge that we face,” Hanson said, adding that attention data for a variety of geographies also would be more useful for marketers.

“The opportunities for advertisers who lean into attention metrics is to gain: one, greater efficiencies,” Hanson said. “We have seen anywhere between 3% and 11% in terms of increase in terms of what you’re doing for dollars.”

Look ahead, she foresees advertisers gaining greater confidence in data that show how people feel when they see advertising and the relation to engagement. Hanson also expects to see the media and marketing industries focus more on global issues such as environmental sustainability.

“The other area that I’m keen to see more of an innovation is around integrity and ethics,” Hanson said. “How do we see content that is focused on sustainability as well as diversity, equity and inclusion? How can we see that rise to the fore and craft ultimately a better ecosystem?”

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