It’s a brand new world for the biggest ad channel in the world.

And ad agencies are adjusting how they approach the opportunity and the measurement challenge.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Leah Meranus, Chief Media Officer, dentsu X, explains how she has rebooted her approach to TV.

Triple approach

Meranus outlines three ways in which dentsu X has recalibrated its approach to the medium:

  1. “We’re not even really thinking about it as TV investment. We’re really thinking more about video.”
  2. “We don’t start with TV and then add on CTV. We’re really looking holistically at all the video landscape.”
  3. “We’re being much more precise and addressable as much as we can.”

Her organization is leveraging people-based data systems to enable more precise targeting, allowing her to buy linear TV spots in the same way she buys digital.

Best of both

These days, the connection of television to the internet allows for data-driven consumer experiences, measurement of actual viewing, even attribution of eventual consumer outcomes back to TV ad exposure.

So Meranus and dentsu X are increasingly looking to buy performance-driven ad campaigns, rather than broad demographics.

But she thinks TV can also remain a brand-building medium.

“We’re talking a lot about shopability and shopable commerce and video formats,” she says.

“As tech evolves, I think that’s really the great and next frontier – thinking about how television becomes both at once as we truly collapse this funnel.

“It’s not brand or performance, it’s both.”

You’re watching “Assessing TV Performance in a Changed Landscape,” a Beet.TV Leadership Series produced at the 2022 ANA Masters of Marketing, presented by EDO. For more videos from this series, please visit this page.