ORLANDO – Marketers piled into digital advertising as the pandemic kept many people at home, where they logged onto social media, watched streaming video and shopped online. As people learned to live with Covid-19 and went back to shopping in stores, going to the office and traveling by airplane, marketers have readapted their strategies to reach consumers.

“It seems like a lot of the largest tech firms are losing their grip on where in fact how they can best reach the consumer,” Josh Golden, chief marketing officer of marketing agency Quad, said in this interview at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference.

“Digital has gotten so expensive that many of the brand marketers that I’m talking to, and the Quad has the benefit of working with, are starting to reposition how they think,” he said. “Quad is starting to see the shift for the market go from a heavily digital focus to really kind of a full omnichannel marketing solution.”

Quad is expanding its work in over-the-top (OTT) media as its clientele explore this omnichannel approach.

“I can’t help but consider why wouldn’t we use an OTT solution to help really target who those people are, what they’re watching and what they’re engaging with,” Golden said. “I am excited to see about what we can do with an OTT targeted solution, but I’m curious whether or not we’ll be able to see the lift as clearly as we can with other media that’s a little bit more tangible.”