It has been the driving force in much of marketing for a decade.

Now it’s time for “purpose” to drive results.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amanda Richman, CEO, North America, Mindshare, explains what comes next for the major media tactic.

Purpose with action

Speaking at the 2022 ANA Masters of Marketing, Richman says her agency is seeing purpose-driven marketing given a “much greater focus on driving action”.

She said she enjoyed several “calls to action” on that at the ANA conference:

  • P&G’s Marc Pritchard presented habits for helping marketers pivot from the general market to multicultural marketing.
  • Ford global CMO Suzy Deering defined the auto maker’s definition of “purpose”, distinguishing the vision from action.
  • American Express CMO Elizabeth Rutledge talked about weaving purpose throughout talent.

“It feels like, these last two days at ANAs, we’ve talked about purpose – less about the proverbs and platitudes; we’re getting real action,” Richman says.

Retail bridge

On the ground, Richman is relishing the modern need to unify media measurement around actual outcomes, despite having to do so across a plethora of new channels.

At Mindshare, she says she and the team have developed an “outcomes framework”. The aim is to help a client “make sure all of that is in pursuit of driving their sales”.

Amongst the new channels agencies have to consider – retail media networks, a hot topic at the ANA conference.

“They are growing their share and that’s even more important now to bridge the customer and the trade teams or budgets together to really understand that the impact you’re driving from brand all the way to in-store or e-com sales,” Richman explains.

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