ORLANDO – Consumers have more ways to watch their favorite shows at any time as more programming is distributed through internet-connected devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones. This fragmented media environment challenges advertisers to track the effectiveness of these channels within a broader campaign.

“It’s clear that there is real emphasis on multichannel marketing … TV, CTV, digital video and other channels,” Sam Bloom, chief executive of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, said about this year’s ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. “There’s going to be a greater, that you already see, the greater emphasis on performance and measurement and outcomes.”

Search Interest Shows Brand Health

His agency works with a variety of measurement and analytics platforms including EDO Inc., whose technology helps to see how commercial airings affect outcomes such as internet searches.

“We love working with a company like EDO, where they’re pairing TV airings with Google searches, and you can actually see in a minute-by-minute basis how TV ads are performing at driving brand search interest,” Bloom said. “That’s interesting because at the end of the day search interest is probably the greatest measure of brand health.”

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