In advertising, it has been a few years of intense focus on targeting and data capabilities.

But, in TV, nothing moves audiences like the message itself.

That is according to a man who monitors millions of TV ads.

Marketing maximizers

Kevin Krim, President & CEO, EDO, was speaking with Beet.TV ahead of the ANA’s Masters of Marketing event in Orlando, FL.

He said the event was “full of the senior most marketing leaders in the country”.

“It’s the performance maximizers as CMOs who are our sweet spot as clients, we love them and they love us,” Krim said.

Media monitor

EDO technology measures the spike in consumer engagement behaviors, such as online search, for a brand in the moments after a TV ad airs.

It does that by correlating search and brand website visitation against ad airing data for every 30- and 15-second spot running across more than 120 broadcast and cable networks plus major AVOD platforms in the US.

In fact, the service claims a library of national linear TV creatives that span more than 100 million airings since 2015.

Creative lever

“Creative is the heaviest lever you can pull,” Krim says. “It’s the most significant thing that contributes to your overall performance. It’s been overlooked…

“When you’re simply thinking about a large audience and counting the demographics, creative becomes a secondary issue. …

“Creative is really strongly correlated with your eventual performance. For different industries, different creative choices matter a ton. Great creative ideas create very strong scores in EDO’s data.

“That consumer is going take action immediately when they see a compelling creative.”

EDO in motion

In early 2022, EDO raised an $80 million funding round.

The new money came from LA media investor Shamrock Capital, following an earlier $12 million Series A round.

That came after Discovery Inc announced EDO as preferred partner for measuring audience behavior.

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