ORLANDO – Economic uncertainties are pushing advertisers to scrutinize their media spending and data the help to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns. But an economic slowdown also can create opportunities for brands to build share that drives growth during a recovery.

“Marketers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to prove their investment faster than ever, and the challenge is sometimes marketing builds over time,” Peter Olsen, president of ad sales and content partnerships at A&E Networks, said in this interview with correspondent Tameka Kee at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference.

“We’ve seen that forever is probably the brands that have been the healthiest through the years are ones that are consistent in their approach,” Olsen said. “Consistency, I think, helps break through all the clutter.”

While building a brand identity takes time, marketers are faced with more immediate demands.

“It feels like right now there’s a lot of, ‘I gotta make it happen now, now, now,’ which is not easy,” Olsen said. “There’s a lot of clutter, there is a lot of competition. There’s a tremendous amount of change in viewership consumption, et cetera. So it’s not easy to prove, prove, prove immediately and that’s the pressure.”

Measurement Tools

Marketers are gaining more tools to help them understand how their campaigns affect business outcomes and other criteria.

“The good news is measurement I think is finally having an overhaul. The challenge I think is some of the rhetoric was out ahead of the actual ability to do it,” Olsen said. “We can’t just get to a point where someone can count it better because then what have we really done? Can we get to a point where we’re dealing more with effectiveness and actually the ability to prove what works?”

A&E Networks is a joint venture between Disney-ABC Television Group and Hearst whose network brands include A&E, Lifetime and The History Channel.

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