This year’s Beat Retreat in Santa Monica comes as television advertising undergoes significant upheaval as viewers watch more programming on connected devices – including smart TVs, mobile phones and computers. Brands seeking to reach these audiences are adopting a variety of technologies to show different ads to different people during the same shows nationally, but there is room for improvement in what’s known as addressable advertising.

“What we will talk about at the Beet Retreat, I hope, is how different addressable entities can collaboratively grow the industry,” Nicolle Pangis, chief executive of ad sales and technology company Ampersand, said in this interview with Jon Watts, editorial director of Beet.TV Events.

“If we collectively make things easier for the buyers of media — brands and agencies…we’ll all collectively win,” she said. “The good news is that we’ve all been making progress and moving the industry along even throughout COVID.”

The push into addressable advertising isn’t dominated by a single category of consumer products, and instead is broad-based, she said. Brands among a variety of industries are finding ways to harness their first-party data to boost their return on their media investments.

“Because all categories are leaning in, you need different datasets potentially for different categories,” Pangis said. “And so we’ve learned a lot over the last four years as we’ve been working with different brands to progress the ecosystem so that we’re making, I think really good progress.”

A key priority is developing consumer identifiers that help brands and agencies to know how often a viewer is seeing the same ad – while also respecting people’s privacy. A variety of companies are developing these identifiers, but there are inconsistencies in their methods that need to be resolved.

“The promise of addressable is to make dollars move as well as possible to make the dollars give as much heft as possible,” Pangis said. “All of the data that’s coming into television can help with that if we do it well.”

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