Outcome Guarantees Remain Challenging for TV Advertising: Magna’s Molly Finnerty

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – As much as advertisers may want more data to demonstrate the efficacy of their advertising campaigns on television, such guarantees are still somewhat elusive. That leaves other considerations such as contextual information and traditional measures of audience demographics. “We are still just too heavy in our age-sex demo guarantees,” Molly Finnerty, […]


Addressability, New Currencies Will Define 2022 Upfront: Magna’s Molly Finnerty

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Going into this year’s upfront sales season for television networks, marketers are either testing or adopting more tools to automate their media spending and to evaluate it. They also have more ways to reach target audiences as national addressable advertising moves out of pilot programs and into the mainstream. “These […]