SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged advertisers to manage campaigns among a variety of platforms, publishers and channels. Mediaocean is developing a set of solutions for advertisers following its acquisitions of ad-serving company Flashtalking and marketing technology firm 4CInsights in the past couple of years.

“We’re really at a position where kind of we have all the blocks and we’re ready to build something fun that will be great for the industry and we’re hard at work on that,” Michael Tuminello, vice president of strategy at Mediaocean, said in this #BeetRetreat interview with Rob Williams, senior editor for Beet.TV.

“In the converged TV space and converged video space, we are very much focused on building the next generation of buying and planning tools,” Tuminello said. “We are testing that with agencies, testing components of it that will be released later this year. We’re also having lots of conversations with the sell side.”

Mediaocean also is seeking to collaborate with other companies in the media supply chain, including currency, identity and data vendors.

“Because we own everything from planning all the way through to execution and measurement,” Tuminello said, “we think we’ll be in a position to infuse intelligence into that process and optimize and help people make smart decisions.”

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