SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The popularity of connected devices including mobile phones and smart TVs has led to more choices for video programming, including authentic user-generated content that vies for people’s attention. Reaching consumers in this environment demands innovation among media companies and advertisers.

“We’re at a point in time where we’re witnessing the revitalization of TV content — TV content in a new distribution model that unlocks all sorts of creativity and innovation that we can work together to make the experience better for consumers,” Michael Piner, executive vice president at media agency Mediahub Worldwide, said in this interview with Scott Schiller at the Beet Retreat.

“That’s exactly where we need the innovation most in this business,” Piner said, “but I believe that the business model we operate in has been essentially the same and has evolved very little over decades. If that begins to evolve, I think a lot of the other challenges that we have with the ecosystem….will start to resolve themselves a lot quicker.”

Human-Centric Advertising

Instead of seeking vast numbers of ad impressions at the lowest cost possible, advertisers must recognize the importance of engaging consumers with quality experiences. People have many ways to spend their time, including ad-free streaming environments, and their behaviors can defy expectations.

“We remind our agency staff and colleagues that this is about reaching humans and we need to understand humans are not machines. Humans are strange and getting them to behave and act a certain way is difficult,” Piner said. “We need to find some way to break through the clutter and get them to pay attention to our messages.”

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