SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – With dozens of new-wave measurement providers vying to count the future of TV, what should a broadcaster or publisher be looking for.

In 2022, there is a Cambrian explosion of new video currencies and measurement techniques.

In this video interview with Beet.TV’s Rob Williams at Beet Retreat San Juan, Jonathan Bohm, VP, Product, TV Network Solutions, VideoAmp, explains how to pick through the alt-currency crop.

Flipping TV

Broadcasters are looking being panel measurement and GRPs.

  • NBCUniversal says it picked as its first cross-platform Certified Measurement Partner for cross-screen video, on a test-and-learn basis.
  • Dentsu tapped VideoAmp to measure ViacomCBS, on a test basis.
  • WarnerMedia selected, VideoAmp and Comscore to do the same.
  • Discovery and media-buying agency OMG said they would test new-wave data from VideoAmp and Comscore.
  • Comcast said it would allow VideoAmp to integrate its large dataset.

Bohm acknowledges: “Television has completely flipped on its heels from 50 years ago … But the challenge is that the benchmark and how we assess or evaluate it or ascribe value to it is largely the same from 50 years ago.

“The currency needs to reflect the modernization of the medium.”

Three customer demands

Bohm sees customers are calling for three things, when it comes to the new methods…

1. Speed: Rebooting the overnight

“Measurement has slowed down,” Bohm complains. “It has not kept pace with the rate of data, the rate of consumption and how much content there is. We’ve lost a spring in our step and that’s unfortunate. We need to take that speed back.

“Overnights used to be this critically important thing 10 years ago …

“We are working towards building and are in the process of building cross-screen, cross-platform overnight.”

2. Audiences: Blend old and new

Bohm says the new techniques need to blend old and new methods.

“There’s always going to be a role for age and gender (targeting) … Our lives have been sufficiently datafied. So why wouldn’t we make that part of the transaction model?,” he says.

“We get that a lot from our customers at VideoAmp, again, because people have always come to us for audiences.”

3. Context: Account for actuality

VideoAmp’s Bohm says a vital component is plugging in viewers’ actual behavior to the new counting and trading methods.

“Looking at consumer behaviour, looking at consumption patterns and being able to ascribe value to the content itself and (is) really what amplifies all this.”

Getting terms right

VideoAmp offers a software platform for advertisers, agencies and publishers to enact ads across linear TV, OTT and digital video.

It includes a TV viewer dataset from 39 million households, campaign insights and actionable optimizations.

But Bohm says it is important the industry properly differentiates between what is a “currency” and what is “measurement”.

“Currency … is a method by which you transact and it needs to support all those use cases … cross platform, dynamic ad models, increase customization of the experience,” he says. “The currency probably needs to be simple, straightforward and predictive.

“Measurement, on the other hand, is that entire suite of solutions that surround the currency and help us ascribe that value. That’s the metrics, the models, the methodologies and the solutions that we build around those, again, that make the currency what it is.

“VideoAmp fully believes in solving for the measurement ecosystem and that suite of solutions that surround the currency and that’s really what’s going to bring the industry to the next level.”

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