SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Addressable and connected TV platforms offer fantastic consumer targeting capabilities.

But using data to reach found audiences doesn’t have to stop at targeting.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad professional says more brands should be using data to customize actual ad creatives.

Creative overlooked

Half of it is finding the right audience at the right time, the other half of it is, “what are you actually going to show them?’,” says Gabriela Maestre, vice president of creative solutions at, Tremor Video.

“I find that it often goes unnoticed.” was launched almost a year ago by Tremor International’s Unruly and Tremor Video units as a bespoke creative studio, offering video creation, optimization and optimization for emotional resonance. is helping brands including those that are commissioning their first video ads and those that were already buying display media but need to adapt to CTV screens.

Go wide with DCO

For Maestre, who has previously acquired and produced cartoons and digital content for kids TV networks, it is frustrating that too few advertisers are focusing on their creative.

She is calling on them to adopt dynamic creative optimization (DCO) tools, which can custom-assemble ads for different viewers from a palette of raw materials.

“Once you set it, you can pretty much add additional A to Z testing,” she says.

“Don’t start with just five different call-to-actions. You can literally have 10 different ones for all your different segments across different geos, different time of day, even based on weather.

“So even just taking the time to set up those systems and engines ahead of time will reap benefits during the campaign.”

Consume your creative

Tremor International recently announced it had increased to 44 million the number of US households its data software can help advertisers reach.

But Maestre is still urging practitioners to roll their sleeves up with the actual assets.

“The number one best practise I can give you is actually watch your creative on your phone, on your tablet, on your desktop, on your CTV,” she says.

“We’re all professional consumers. So taking what you already do in practise, ‘bring it to work’ is essentially our go-to.”

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