SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers can improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns as they develop a more complete picture of consumer behavior, especially as people split their time among multiple media channels and viewing devices.

“The convergence of datasets and technology have changed the way we view and operate in the media landscape, it’s certainly escalated everything that’s happening across all channels, Dave Kersey, chief media officer at ad agency GSD&M, said in this interview with Scott Schiller at the Beet Retreat. “That’s a big change from the last five years where we were using a lot of model data and survey data. Now, we have real time understanding of what people are doing, what their behaviors are, what they consume and why they consume it.”

It’s important for marketers not to lose sight of the consumer when develop an advertising strategy. To do that, they need to think about media differently.

“My philosophy is: ‘media’ is somewhat of an antiquated term,” Kersey said. “The assumption is media includes mostly investment and you’re doing partnership deals, you’re layering on technology and you’re activating campaigns. What’s missing in all that is truly understanding who the audience is.”

Marketers need to develop advertising content based on insights into how consumers behave, and how they interact with different kinds of marketing messages.

“If we’re in specific channels, do we create something unique and customized based on what the consumer is expecting from that channel or that platform?” Kersey said. “The evolution within my group is really focused on the idea of consumer engagement.”

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