SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – If there is one recurring complaint about the emerging world of connected TV ad buying, it is that the opportunity is complex for existing in a fragmented ecosystem.

For some buyers, that offsets the benefits, which include targeting, frequency capping and campaign outcomes measurement.

But, in this video interview with Forrester VP principal analyst Joanna O’Connell at Beet Retreat San Juan, Joseph Hirsch, general manager, SpringServe, says the standardization that some in the industry call for may impose too many restrictions.

Standards and control

Hirsch talks about the call for better standards in connected TV.

“When I hear that, what I hear is the interest kind of in maybe CTV becoming more commoditized,” he says.

“I think we’re scared to commoditize the inventory because, if it’s a commodity, then it creates oversight.

“And the industry has been reluctant to create a commoditized version of itself because we don’t want oversight. We prefer self policing to the government coming in and being involved in advertising.”

SpringServe’s springboard

Hirsch’s SpringServe is an ad-serving platform handling inventory routing, customized ad experiences and advanced podding logic for CTV publishers.

The acquired company’s Bingewatcher software, for example, analyzes video content, turning attributes into valuable plain-text metadata that publisher systems can use to fulfil ad demand.

It was acquired by Magnite last year.

SpringServe Is Magnite’s Springboard For Improving CTV Ad Experience

Enablement over control

Hirsch understands executives’ wish for more simplicity in CTV. But he warns against denying companies the right to choose their own pathway.

“If we wanted this perfect world where kind of all CTV inventory used the same standards, like the stock market … you have to make it a commodity or else you’re always kind of wrestling with one person having one thing that it’s a little different when you buy it through this platform.”

He said enablement is better than control.

“Allow people to have choice in what vendor they like,” he says. “It’s hard to tell somebody who to work with. My position is more enable people to work with whatever vendor they choose and make working with that vendor easy.”

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