SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — TV advertisers no longer have to base their ad performance off best guesses and rough media mix modelling.

In the new age of connected TV, broadcasters are guaranteeing to reach ad buyers’ specific audiences, and some in the industry are even beginning to guarantee specific outcomes, from website visits to brick-and-mortar visitation.

In this video interview with Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV at Beet Retreat, Jon Stimmel, Chief Growth Officer, Sabio/AppScience, explains how the industry is trying to wean itself off traditional buying strategies.

Beyond CPMs

“The audience guarantees has been the first step,” he explains. “The reason why the audience guarantee is incredibly valuable is because we need to get away from this commoditization of television.

“We need to be more digital because, ultimately, you can actually track what actually happens, who’s watching an ad and ultimately what they’re going to be doing with it. ”

Stimmel says TV needs to get “outside of the blunt CPMs”, where it risks becoming a “commodities market”.

Baby steps

But adoption of the new buying styles has not exactly been lightning-paced.

Stimmel acknowledges that much – and he seems several reasons why buyers have not rushed.

“They see media as a huge line item on their marketing plan and it’s a lot easier for them to track a CPM cost, because it’s apples-to-apples on a given year, than it is to kind of make that transition,” he explains.

He says there is also, often, insufficient tooling or staffing to execute in this way and an ongoing need for universal partner interoperability.

Counting TV

Stimmel’s Sabio is an ad-tech platform offering a connected TV (CTV) platform that is powered by mobile phone data.

It claims to leverage app-level data from over 300 million mobile devices, which can then be fed into CTV buying systems. Sabio has its own DSP, SSP and DMP.

CTV is a medium traditionally hampered by classical digital methods of identifying viewers – so, the theory goes, mobile could be a useful signal.

Outcomes defined

Stimmel differentiates audience guarantees from outcome guarantees.

The first involves identifying the right tech and inventory to deliver significant reach in a higher-frequency world.

The second involves guaranteeing a performance outcome the marketer is ultimately seeking.

“That’s a big step, and we’re seeing more of that which is great,” he says.

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