SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico –  The children of Puerto Rico, many of whom had been historically disadvantaged in educational resources, unfortunately have fallen four years behind grade level because of several calamities in the past few years. Hurricane Maria, the coronavirus pandemic and devastating earthquakes that caused school closures have taken a toll on the island’s youngsters.

Closing the learning gap is a top priority of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, as the organization’s president, Olga Ramos, explains in this conversation with Beet.TV.

Gabriela Maestre, a U.S.-based media executive who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, interviewed Ramos during the Beet Retreat San Juan, a yearly conference for media, advertising and technology executives.

The Club not only seeks to improve children’s education with its after-school programs, but also to help the youngest students as a growing operator of several Head Start programs on the island.

And, it is seeking to help parents with job training and placement.  Ramos says her goal is to bring the poverty level on the island to 25% in 10 years.

MacKenzie Scott Makes $6.8 Million Contribution

As part of last week’s $288 million contribution to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the organization’s largest, $6.8 million was allocated to the Puerto Rico group.

Beet.TV stands with Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Beet.TV has been dedicated to assisting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico with visibility in the U.S. media industry and in fundraising at its company events.

Last week at the Beet Retreat, we raised $20,000 in contributions during a charity auction.  Thank you for all who gave to the fundraiser.   For those who want be part of the Beet.TV fundraising effort, please use this link.

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