SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Consumers have more control than ever before over what to watch on television as the profusion of connected TV (CTV) apps opens vast libraries of video programming. Amid these choices, ad-supported streaming platforms must ensure that automated auctions of their media inventories don’t result in commercial breaks that are annoying or objectionable.

“As a publisher reaches peak monetization … the real auction then begins to ensure that you have matched the ad content to the creative content,” Joseph Hirsch, chief executive of ad-tech firm SpringServe, said in this #BeetRetreat interview with Rob Williams, senior editor for Beet.TV.

“Today, a lot of that is still kind of divorced, and you end up with ad quality experiences that aren’t necessarily enjoyable for the user,” Hirsh said. “The publishers that prioritize the experience of the ads with the content will be rewarded over the ones that do not.”

SpringServe has worked to tackle these issues amid the complications in how CTV platforms allocate their advertising inventories.

“Typically, an app or a channel might owe a portion of their inventory to multiple parties- that might be the hardware manufacturer where their app is run or it might be related to the ownership of the content,” Hirsch said. “Ultimately, you might have two, three, four parties contributing ads into an ad experience and the ads aren’t self-aware.”

Monitoring Ad ‘Stitching’

Another complication is the practice of “stitching,” where a CTV platform may not be aware that commercial breaks have been filled with shorter ads that are joined together. For example, it may sell a 60-second block and not be aware that it has been filled with two 30-second spots that typically would generate more revenue when sold separately.

SpringServe created a product called “BingeWatcher” that uses computer vision technology to see what’s happening within an ad and transcribes any speech into text that can be searched.

“From that service, we were able to identify all of these areas where people with the best intentions for an ad experience were, unbeknownst to them, allowing things to happen that they just didn’t even know existed,” Hirsch said.

SpringServe Announces Integration with FFalcon

SpringServe today announced a strategic integration with FFalcon, which operates the global smart TV platforms for consumer electronics company TCL.

As a result, there will be more ad inventory options for content owners and video creators in streaming environments.

“Our platform enables advertisers to better engage with audiences through a great end-user experience wherever they consume content,” Leon Siotis, head of international at SpringServe, said in a statement.

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