SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Suddenly, in media measurement, all bets are off.

Recent energy about the TV industry moving beyond its traditional Nielsen measurement system have crystalized into reality, with key broadcast platforms teaming with tech vendors to trial cross-platform viewing measurement systems that go beyond traditional panels.

For Helen Lum, EVP, AppScience, the best approach is a focus on the human.

Ever-present device

Lum’s AppScience is an ad-tech provider offering cross-platform insights and ad attribution.

The apparent point of difference – the data is captured using a “mobile-first” approach.

“(The solution is) having a viable measurement product that can bridge traditional to digital audiences, where it’s looking at the insights more from a psychographic and the human behaviors,” Lum says.

“Mobile is really where you can have that solution because that mobile device is with you at all times, even when you’re watching TV, when you’re going to the store, and the apps on those devices as well can tell you a lot about that consumer from their demographics, their interests, their life stages, where they are frequenting.”

Cross-platform confusion

Marketers’ need to understand audience behavior across media platforms poses the main challenge of the times – understanding cross-channel campaign performance.

Although different companies take different approaches, Lum thinks smartphones are what can bind together the consumer journey.

“These human behaviors are authenticated by that mobile device,” she says.

“And as the user is changing and evolving, these apps are changing and evolving along with them so it’s always reflective of that user.”

Audience telemetry

AppScience, a division of Sabio, will soon be launching three new products:

  • AppScience IQ, an audience planning tool
  • AppScience Political, a political ad planning tool
  • AppScience Shelf Optimizer, inventory awareness for shopper marketing

For now, its insights and attribution are powered by a “household graph” with telemetry from 55 million people.

Using mobile, Lum says she can answer questions like:

  • “Who’s watching that content?”
  • “What are those multicultural breakouts or even that diverse audience behind the screen?”
  • “What apps do they utilize?”
  • “Where are they frequenting?”
  • “What are they listening to?”

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