SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Advertisers are gaining more tools to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, especially as they gather more granular information about consumers. Instead of relying on broad demographic data to help predict how people will behave after seeing an ad on television, marketers can find other data signals to indicate purchase intent.

“We’ve got a world that is transitioning from essentially age and gender targeting in linear TV to more complex datasets,” Mark Mitchell, vice president of business development at digital advertising marketplace Xandr, said in this interview taped at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat in mid-March. “You’ve got an opportunity to use a marketing target that more precisely delivers that in building schedules across national linear television.”

Surveying the thousands of campaigns that marketers have implemented on Xandr’s Invest TV platform for media buyers, Mitchell has seen direct evidence of how data-driven linear ads deliver results. Advertisers have experienced an average 30% improvement in the delivery of impressions against a strategic target, and an average gain of 7% in reach, he said.

“That’s shifting from demographics-based buying over to data-driven linear, audience-based targeting,” Mitchell said to interviewer Rob Williams, senior contributing editor for Beet.TV.

Evaluating Media Currencies

The TV industry is undergoing a major process of evaluating measurement tools that help media buyers and sellers to set the value of ad transactions – or currencies. Xandr has participated in the evaluations of currencies, including newer ones being developed to reflect cross-platform audience reach. Currencies play a critical role in the sales negotiations of TV networks during the upfront season.

“The thing that everybody needs to think about heading into this upfront is opportunities to essentially test and learn from the boatload of new data providers that are bringing currencies to the marketplace,” Mitchell said. “The best thing that we can do is to provide our mutual customers with some technology and some approaches that will allow them to on-board these datasets in a light and easy-touch way.”

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