For the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to target ads to households using connected TV is both a huge opportunity and a minefield.

Ad-tech company DeepIntent will help them navigate that landscape, after LG Ads Solutions, the OEM’s ad sales division, picked it to be its DSP of choice for the healthcare industry in the U.S.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, DeepIntent co-founder and CEO Chris Paquette explains what is happening.

Route to LG’s screens

LG Ads Solutions Names DeepIntent Exclusive DSP for Healthcare CTV Ads

According to LG Ads’ announcement: “DeepIntent’s DSP is now the only way healthcare advertisers can access LG Ads Solutions’ CTV inventory to reach 20M+ households nationwide.”

Paquette says: “LG has access to over 20 million household. That’s a good slice of the population.

“That’s a critical part of the U S patient population and healthcare provider population that we’re going to have category exclusivity to on our platform.

“What we’re doing here is we’re taking the best that LG has to offer – which is their amazing media properties, getting priority, access to that on behalf of our clients – and using our data-driven tools to help make those buys more efficient and more effective.”

New capabilities for health marketers

In some ways, the age split between linear and CTV platforms alone provides a handy targeting criterion, a Publicis executive has previously said.

But that bifurcation is easing out as CTV’s audience starts to look a bit more like TV’s overall.

Health Marketers Embrace CTV: Publicis’ Imburgia

Paquette is ushering pharmaceutical companies’ ad buyers to consider how CTV can help them measure “audience quality or the amount of users reached, or the unique users reach or households reach, how many of those households actually have a patient that’s relevant”.

He says data-driven targeting, for them, represents a “quantum leap” of the kind that digital itself made several years ago.

Going long for CTV

But the arrival of health ads in a CTV environment comes with quirks. Namely, DeepIntent knows healthcare ads must be longer, to accommodate health warnings and disclaimers.

“With LG, we’re prioritising 90-second fulfilment,” Paquette says. “We’re going to get better access to longer-form ad content where you need to have that for pharma.

“The important safety information – the long, side effects (information) and whatnot… we must have those in your creative.

“We’re helping make it easier for pharma to bring over those television assets into the digital formats to  allow them to run and use all the targeting and measurement capabilities that we have for connected television.”