DeepIntent Is Path For LG Ads’ ‘Quantum Leap’ In Pharma Marketing

For the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to target ads to households using connected TV is both a huge opportunity and a minefield. Ad-tech company DeepIntent will help them navigate that landscape, after LG Ads Solutions, the OEM’s ad sales division, picked it to be its DSP of choice for the healthcare industry in the U.S. […]


Healthcare Marketers Have Key Role in Vaccination Effort: DeepIntent’s Chris Paquette

The global pandemic has made people more aware of taking steps to protect their personal health, even as it has challenged healthcare marketers to reach patients and medical professionals. Those marketers have an important role in helping to educate people about the availability of vaccines, and to address concerns about safety. “We have a population […]


‘Patient-Modeled Audiences’ Improve Programmatic ROI for Healthcare Marketers: DeepIntent’s Chris Paquette

The growing audience for connected TV services gives advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries more ways to reach medical professionals and their patients. Those advertisers also can improve their audience targeting with health information about consumers whose sensitive medical data are closely guarded with strict rules against unauthorized sharing. The good news for healthcare […]