If you had told TV advertisers, a couple of decades ago, that they would be able to custom-target ads at individual households in real-time, they might have laughed you out of the room.

But dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in connected TV (CTV) is no laughing matter.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Charel Maclntosh, Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Clinch, a company enabling TV DCO, explains why LG Ads advertisers stand to benefit.

Personal possibilities

“That broad-stroke, one-to-many approach to creative isn’t going to resonate as well in CTV,” she says.

“We’re helping the advertisers establish relevance by applying real-time circumstance to their ads – whether it’s showing the nearest location, or showing a product that is relevant to that viewer, or showing an event-driven countdown by time of day, or timing to the event, or if it’s intersecting all of the above.

“That’s really going to drive more relevance to the viewer so it resonates with them, and they have a much better experience connecting with that brand’s narrative, and the brand is on tone when they’re connecting with the viewer.”

The Clinch stack

Clinch was just signed by LG Ads, the division using data to sell targeted ads to LG TVs, to support DCO across its device ecosystem.

MacIntosh says the brand benefit is more than just theory – advertisers are seeing meaningful returns.

“On average, they’re seeing 20 times increase on return on ad spends,” she claims.

“Clinch’s technology can help personalise that video with dynamic components aimed at driving those offline conversions, like adding a map or the address for the store location nearest a viewer, and also adding an in-store specific offer.”

Clinch’s offering includes omnichannel ad personalization, DCO, creative automation tools, smart ad serving and data enrichment through its Clinch ID.

The company’s Flight Control platform brings the campaign capabilities as a SaaS tool.

Custom campaigns

MacIntosh suggests the possibilities with TV targeting are as creative as they are data-driven.

“Imagine if a retailer has over a thousand different locations in the US, so each of those different stores also want to run different promotions,” she says.

“We’re able to take what would normally be a heavy production lift off of the advertiser and execute it in a scalable, automated way.

“Advertisers are able to better understand not just what’s happening on their campaigns, but why.”

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