How DCO Boosts ROI: Clinch’s MacIntosh

If you had told TV advertisers, a couple of decades ago, that they would be able to custom-target ads at individual households in real-time, they might have laughed you out of the room. But dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in connected TV (CTV) is no laughing matter. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Charel Maclntosh, Head […]


LG Ads’ Matta Guarantees Outcomes From CTV Ads

Imagine a world in which advertisers only paid for TV ads if they actually generated the expected returns. That is the world LG Ads is now joining, as the unit launches a range of guaranteed, outcome-based ad offerings for 20 million US connected TV sets, mobile and web. In this video interview with Beet.TV, LG […]


ACR Data See Through Walled Gardens: LG Ads’ Justin Fromm

Marketers face more challenges in measuring the reach and frequency of their television advertising campaigns as viewers split their time among different video platforms. Many of those channels don’t share data about their audiences, making it harder for advertisers to tell they’re showing the same ads to the same households too much. LG Ads aims […]


Audience Data Underpin Growth of Addressable TV: GroupM’s Jen Soch

The media marketplace is becoming more advanced as brands harness richer sources of consumer data to improve their targeting and television advertising becomes more addressable. The next big step will be the expansion of national inventories of addressable advertising among cable and broadcast networks. “Addressable TV and how we look at it today is definitely […]


LG Rides ‘Rocket Ship’ As Post-Pandemic Ads Come To CTV

If advertiser spend is bouncing back, Serge Matta wants to catch it. The former Comscore CEO joined LG Ads, the electronics manufacturer’s advanced TV advertising division, this summer, with optimism growing about coronavirus easing. Now Matta says the power of connected TV advertising is beckoning pharmaceutical, political and other advertisers to look hard at the […]


DeepIntent Is Path For LG Ads’ ‘Quantum Leap’ In Pharma Marketing

For the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to target ads to households using connected TV is both a huge opportunity and a minefield. Ad-tech company DeepIntent will help them navigate that landscape, after LG Ads Solutions, the OEM’s ad sales division, picked it to be its DSP of choice for the healthcare industry in the U.S. […]


Buying CTV Ads Calls for Holistic Approach to Video: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis

Marketers can gain greater insights into television audiences as more households connect their TVs to the internet. They can harness the smart TV data from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to support their efforts to ensure that their campaigns are reaching target consumers. “A lot of people use the data that the OEMs have in their […]


CTV Brings Addressable Advertising at Scale: LG Ads’ Raghu Kodige

The growing number of households with a smart TV gives advertisers a way to customize their campaigns for different consumers during the same programming. LG Ads offers more personalized ad placements among 120 million households worldwide, including 20 million in the United States. “I can say with confidence that we finally have this at scale,” […]


CTV Advertising Benefits From Unique Data: LG Ads’ Katie Barrett

Marketers are looking for ways to reach target audiences while not bombarding them with repetitive commercials on connected TV (CTV) and traditional linear channels. Original equipment makers (OEMs) can provide unduplicated reach because most households only have one brand of smart TV in their living rooms. “Our research shows that there’s very little duplication across […]


Viewer Data Underpin CTV Targeting: LG Ads’ Serge Matta

Millions of people worldwide are hooking up their televisions to the internet, pushing marketers to allocate more of their media budgets connected TV (CTV) platforms. Those include consumer electronics companies, or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that have developed technologies for better ad targeting. “Three or four years ago, who would have thought that the OEMs […]