Marketers face more challenges in measuring the reach and frequency of their television advertising campaigns as viewers split their time among different video platforms. Many of those channels don’t share data about their audiences, making it harder for advertisers to tell they’re showing the same ads to the same households too much.

LG Ads aims to give marketers more insights with its automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, which helps to track the programming and commercials that appear on its models of connected TVs (CTVs).

“We understand everything that hits the screen,” Justin Fromm, head of research at LG Ads, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “We have a unique opportunity to understand reach and frequency of advertising to consumers.”

Millions of U.S. households have upgraded their televisions to connect directly to the internet, opening up a bigger world of content. With bigger screens, today’s televisions are a key part of their home entertainment hubs.

“TVs are bigger than ever. The average TV size is 50 inches, and most of them are connected,” Fromm said. “If you look at the data around subscription and how people are watching television, the large majority of Americans still subscribe to pay TV and spend some of their time watching linear TV.”

LG is mindful of consumer privacy, requiring customers to go through a double opt-in process to confirm that they’ll share anonymized viewing data. The information is valuable to media owners who are selling advertising, and to marketers that pay for commercial time.

“Most streaming households subscribe to multiple streaming services, and those walled gardens are really difficult to understand duplication across,” Fromm said. “Our line of sight to the screen helps our partners understand when that happens.”

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