What is the role of native advertising in TV? Certainly, basic product placements and infomercials have existed for a long time.

But now, new techniques offered by connected TV platforms promise a lot more.

In Elevated Video, a Beet.TV leadership series presented by TripleLift, eight executives explored what that opportunity looks like.

1. Content ad insertions lighten the load

At TripleLift, the native ad company that has launched a connected TV offering in beta, advanced advertising GM Michael Shields says formats like ad insertions into TV shows, split-screen ads and other overlays “allows publishers to lower ad loads”.

“Unscripted, lighthearted comedies… you’ve probably seen our units in a lot of cooking shows – we think that that’s going to be the future ad model for a certain kind of programming.”

Native Advertising Has Key Role in Future of Ad-Supported TV: TripleLift’s Michael Shields

2. Post-cookie, context soars on data

At Havas’ Media Group’s health practice, managing partner Peter Sedlarcik welcomes the greater finesse available in contextual ad data.

“Contextual has really had a renaissance. We’re using more contextual data streams in order to inform strategy. There’s more of a balance now between purchased based data sets that have been kind of pre-eminent in a lot of the planning that we’ve been doing as an agency.”

Havas’ Sedlarcik Goes Long On Short-Form Ads

3. Dentsu’s quest to demystify media

Dentsu Media U.S. media partnerships EVP Sarah Stringer says buying connected TV is still “very convoluted”.

“A lot of different people sell a lot of the same channels, which means that we’re not getting that single point of view. You’re not getting the efficiencies that you want. How do we demystify the marketplace?”

Immersive Ad Experiences Promise Optimized Results: Dentsu’s Sarah Stringer

4. Tastemade’s Imberman likes CTV’s flavors

At cooking video producer Tastemade, Jeff Imberman, head of sales and brand partnerships, says connected TV manages to combine the best qualities of TV and digital.

“It’s traditional yet progressive all at the same time. You’re still able to serve 15 and 30-second ads the way a linear network can – but what makes it really compelling is it’s delivered in a digital format across digital pipes, so it allows for very unique targeting, contextual especially.”

Tastemade’s Imberman Feasts On A Full Menu Of Ad Options

5. Brand insertions bring viewers organic delight

For Team Whistle, a digital sports content producer, Anthony Susi, vice president of over-the-top sales, says audiences give positive feedback to brand partnerships in its content.

“Picture Bear Grylls wading through the water with a Powerade ad behind it, things like that. We do it in an organic way and not really force down your throat.”

Branded Content Helps to Engage Younger Audiences: Team Whistle’s Anthony Susi

6. Brands pick from new-wave measurement menu

MediaScience CEO Duane Varan says the advertising world is no longer about everyone using a “one-size-fits-all” paradigm of buying 30-second ads using traditional currencies.

“That model is flawed in a lot of ways. All brands are not the same. All categories are not the same. Our objectives are not the same. Every brand needs to discover the best in class measures delivering against those specific communication objectives.”

‘There’s a New Paradigm for Brand Integrations on TV’: MediaScience’s Duane Varan

7. Native can solve ad load aversion

Srinivasan KA of Amagi, a company that helps enable linear ad-supported streaming channels, says changing consumption patterns mean media must change.

“Nobody just has the patience for sitting through 10 minutes of advertising on a per hour basis. You’re going to have much more integrated ad formats. Native advertising on connected TV would kind of blend both content and advertising in a seamless fashion.”

FAST Must Fight Ad Fatigue: Amagi’s Srinivasan KA

8. CTV can kick-start the sequence

Liza Davidian, EVP of investment and activation at GroupM, says connected TV can be the start of a sequenced conversation with consumers.

“If it speaks to me again on a more personalised device like your Instagram or any type of social media on my phone, I applaud an advertiser who further digs deeper into the funnel and makes their message a little bit more customised.”

Customized Ads at Scale Are Key to Optimized Video Campaigns: GroupM’s Liza Davidian